Rokuro Taniuchi




Rokuro-Taniuchi- 2 (1)

Rokuro-Taniuchi- 7



Rokuro-Taniuchi- 2 (2)

Rokuro-Taniuchi- 4

Illustrations from Japanese artist Rokuro Taniuchi or Roku (1921–81)

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Lune d’horreur


Image by French photographer Emmanuel Pierrot via Agence VU

3D characters / Ojofrito

Ojofrito yes

Spanish Citizen Exemplary

Ojofrito tvTv tongues

Ojofrito punki


Ojofrito developer

The Developer

Ojofrito father son brain

Father and Son Square Brain

Ojofrito dracula


Sado Woy Woman, Mary Poppens Woy and Frankenstein

Ojofrito ultra blood

Ultra Blood

Ojofrito baba

Juanito Baba

Ojofrito Nuchito Cannibal Fuck Face

Nuchito Cannibal F**k Face in the war of the brains square

Digital 3D characters created by Ojofrito aka Spanish illustrator and toy designer Raul Real.






Monsters, editorial for Italian magazine Flair created by art director and set designer Rachel Thomas.

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check out some cotton monsters here

why astronauts shouldn’t eat beans

A moon landing goes horribly wrong in a hi-la-ri-ous fake video spot from the London based visual-effects studio Cinesite.

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SHHH, a great low budget short about a young boy, Guillermo who uses his imagination to overcome his monstrous bully at night. Created by visual artists / producers Freddy Chávez Olmos and Shervin Shoghian, as an anti-bullying project. Inspired from the work of Guillermo del Toro.

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Ye / Zach Cohen






New animated gifs by illustrator Zach Cohen, from the ongoing project Ye – originally introduced at Death plays sweet for those who hear..

Don’t go to Hell, Pictures from the Pit

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full length video based on the work of a young Korean artist who had been taken to hell by the Lord Jesus Himself.
Read his interviw here . Pictures taken from Holy Bible’s (The King James VersionFacebook page.

Hell is real.
Do not go there.
Go to Heaven instead.
Have a nice Sunday.
Link to video.