PomPom Mirror / Daniel Rozin

PomPom Mirror,  sculpture of 928 spherical faux fur puffs controlled by 464 motors that build silhouettes of viewers using computer-vision, from New York based interactive artist, educator and developer Daniel Rozin.

Hutong Bubble 32 / MAD Architects

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 b

Metallic bubble expansion for a renovated courtyard house in Beijing, providing a toilet and a staircase that extends onto a roof terrace, designed by the Chinese MAD Architects.


MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 garden view


MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 a


Mad architects BUBBLE stairS

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 interiors 1

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 interiors wc

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 top

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 top view

read more at openbuildings


Mirror Wall / Jeppe Hein


The Mirror Wall, 2009, an interactive installation by Danish artist Jeppe Hein. The following description is provided by the artist: When visitors enter the space the mirror starts moving subtly and wavelike. Visitors facing the mirror will be irritated by the vibrating reflection of themselves and their surrounding. This sensation causes not only a vague feeling of dizziness but also a latent distrust of one’s own eyes and spatial perception.
via saatchi gallery

haunted mirrors #2

ff_13 ff_01 ff_02 ff_04 ff_03 ff_09 ff_07
Sliced portraits by Brooklyn based artist Jeremy Olson.
Link to haunted mirrors #1. Via SupersonicElectronic.

the last days of disco III

rotganzen_quellefete_II_02rotganzen_quellefete_II_05rotganzen_quellefete_II_04 rotganzen_quellefete_II_03paraplufabriek-rotganzen-2 Melting disco balls named Quelle Fête (what a party) by Rotterdam based artist collective Rotganzen, currently displayed @the Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami.
Found here.

22141231 / Nosigner

nosigner 5 nosigner

nosigner 2

nosigner 3


Light sculpture/ mirror designed by Japan-based design firm Nosigner, for the Taro Horiuchi fashion shop.
The diffused LED light is created by a special kind of aluminum foil which allows to reflect varying projections, so that you will never see the same light pattern on the wall. 22141231 is the title of this work, that was named after the perfect solar eclipse that will appeare about 200 years later


Previously: Olive project by Nosigner

The Phoenix is closer than it appears

04_Thilo_Frank_PHOENIX_8_2000120924_Thilo_Frank_PHOENIX combined_2000

The Phoenix is closer than it appears” by artist Thilo Frank is a 4x4x8 meters room fully covered with mirrors, creating a reflective universe that seems to stretch into infinity.
The room also contains a swing that allows visitors to view hundreds of cloned reflections swinging at all possible angles.
The installation is currently hosted at the KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg, Denmark.
Found here. Link to youtube video.

the ring

The Ring by Arnaud Lapierre is a cylindrical sculpture in Place Vendôme in Paris.
It creates a confused and abstract panorama due to the reflective material and the holes on its surface.
Photographs by Eric Mercier. Found here.