Trick or Treat / Wilson Hennessy

Masks photographed through a pane of Straight Reed Obscured Glass, from the project Trick or Treat by UK based -Australian artist Wilson Hennessy  

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Mrs + Mr Duo-RAW

duo raw

duo raw 5b

duo raw 5

duo raw 3

duo raw 2

duo raw 7

duo raw 4

Ultra sickening club fashion by Swedish drag performers Duo-RAW

Maiko Takeda by Masaaki Sasaki

Maiko Takeda dazed 4

Maiko Takeda dazed 2

Maiko Takeda dazed 3

Maiko Takeda by Masaaki Sasaki

Maiko Takeda dazed

Maiko Takeda dazed july 14

Maiko Takeda dazed july

Maiko Takeda dazed 1

Maiko Takeda‘s graduate collection of fashion accessories titled Atmospheric Reentry, photographed in Tokyo by Masaaki Sasaki for Dazed Digital (July’14). Styling and production Junsuke Yamasaki.

the misfortune mask

Mbangu misfortune mask congo

B&w wooden mask from the Leopold‘s Congo Free State genocide period (1885 – 1908), found at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium;  featured at the museum’s web page as Treasure of the month (Oct. 2011), one of the finest Pende masterpieces, linked somehow to Picasso’s Black period.

For the creators of this ritual Mbangu mask, the Pende people, a tribe known for their xylophone-based music and dances, this artifact represents someone who has been bewitched, disformed or misfortuned.

For Leopold II of Belgium, the builder king for his people, these couleur locale trophies served mostly his colonial propaganda. In its short existence, Congo Free State manage to became a byword for greed, cruelty, global hypocrisy and ruthless exploitation.

the grasshopper

Amazing grasshopper (?) mask found on Facebook.

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Cardboard animal masks by Czech artist Jozef Mrva

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Paper masks by Saul Steinberg

Dragon head by master maker Tanaka Satoshi

Face Kini

Probably seen it on the web – the latest fashion at northeast China’s Shandong province’s beaches – dubbed “Face – Kini”. If not, take note: it’s a protective swimming mask – no MOLE PEOPLE neither Catwoman flirting…

Putting on a good face

New York-based Russian artist Slava Mogutin, photo by American artist and musician Brian Kenny.


A selection of poster and flyer designs by Tom Darracott for London nightclub Fabric.

filter toxic with gems

Designer Gas Masks by conceptual artist Diddo.
An iconic item of a modern world defined by war, fear and extreme desire for authenticity.

We have faith in our leaders

Halloween costumes from John Carpenter’s They Live, from the creators of youFail blog.
Obey, consume and stay asleep.

I find your lack of faith disturbing

Hairdryer inspired by Darth Vader, designed by Tembolat Gugkaev. Appreciate it here.
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