Experiments in Motion Exhibition


A floating replica of Manhattan’s road infrastructure (1:1500 scale), an installation made of aluminum by Columbia University architecture students for the Experiments in Motion Exhibition at the Essex Street Warehouse, New York City. Photos by Collin Erickson.

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indians and cowboys

Indian guarding a construction site in Manhattan . Artist unknown , picture by WWT

watching you

off-scale public figures watching you in Manhattan. Pictures by WWT, artist name unknown.

Viva Italia!

looking towards the sky in Soho. Picture by WWT

fuck your fascist beauty standards

Brilliant conceptual artist Yolanda Dominguez (previously presented here) sent normal women onto the streets and sidewalks of Madrid and asked them to strike the awkward, ridiculous fashion-model poses like the ones inside magazines, for the project called Poses“.
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City models made of computer components by Franco Recchia.
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Industrial Atrium

An interesting solution for this almost windowless atrium space. Double height ceiling , inovative table layout, industrial simplicity, exposed brick covered with metal mesh grates, concrete, reclaimed wood from a Tribeca building and a gigantic ficus, certainly do the job.

Tartinery Nolita Bistro in Manhattan designed by by Michel Abboud of SOMA Architects Via