❤ VS $

Street art in London, artist unknown

Freya & Robin

Love story by Studio Weave

freya and robin_01

freya and robin_02

freya and robin_03

freya and robin_04

freya and robin_05

freya and robin_06

freya and robin_07

freya and robin_08

freya and robin_09

freya and robin_10

freya and robin_11

freya and robin_12

freya and robin_13

freya and robin_14

freya and robin_15

I (still) feel love

Giorgio Moroder‘s electro – disco anthem I feel love, time stretched by TelegenicX in a ketamine – high 44min version.
It is decelerated to about 800% and it still sounds great.
Via soundcheck. Link to video.

symbiosis / Luca Pierro

Luca pierro love will 1

Luca pierro love will 2

From Love Will Tear Us Apart series by Italian photographer Luca Pierro.

Artist’s Flickr here

Love 3D / Chris LaBrooy

Chris LaBrooy love_3d_type  Chris LaBrooy love_3d_type2

Chris LaBrooy love_3d_type1

3D type design by UK based illustrator Chris LaBrooy.


Real toys disfigured from years + years of love, by Ireland-based portrait photographer Mark Nixon.

via junk culture

short story about love, betrayal and teeth.

Polish dentist Anna Mackowiak was astonished when her ex boyfriend Marek Olszewski turned up at her surgery complaining of tooth ache, just a few days after dumping her for another woman.
“I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions.
“But when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘fuck the bastard’ and decided to take all his teeth out”.
After putting him to sleep with a heavy dose of anesthetic, she locked the door and then began plucking his teeth out one by one. She then wrapped his head and jaw in bandage to prevent him opening his mouth and told him there had been complications and he would need to see a specialist.
Marek suspected that something was wrong, but it was until he got home and looked in the mirror that he realized that Anna had emptied his mouth.
Anna is now being investigated for medical malpractice and abusing the trust of a patient.
Marek is getting indents.
Marek’s new girlfriend dumped him for not having his teeth.
We never, ever, piss off the dentist.
Found here. More on the story, here.

Plan to make love in an apple orchard

One of the most poetic and touching CAD plans ever drawn.

Never has a simpler CAD plan ( 2 x Insert Block + 1 x Array Object) told a better story.

It has been carefully kept for several years as a print-out, moving from one magazine folder to another. And now it has been scanned and posted. I cannot trace the author on-line. If someone can, please let know.