filter toxic with gems

Designer Gas Masks by conceptual artist Diddo.
An iconic item of a modern world defined by war, fear and extreme desire for authenticity.

hatched @ Louis Vuitton’s

Ostrich eggs at the Louis Vuitton Bond Street store: Every few days an egg cracks to reveal a new shoe design.

The window campaign was designed by Chameleon. Found here & here.


Nine locust sculptures crafted by artist Mitsuhiro Okamoto from fake designer bags, were removed from the Kobe Fashion Museum after Louis Vuitton complained the art violated its trademark.

The sculptures, which measure about 40 cm long, are titled “Batta Mon” — a play on the words batta (“locust”) and battamon (slang for “knockoff”). According to the artist, the works are meant to raise questions about the relationship between authenticity and imitation in a consumer-driven society.

Article retrieved from More Batta Mons, here.