pizza in the wild


A simple, cool and relaxed pepperoni pizza that seems to have found the meaning of life: Just be yourself. Thank you so much pizza for your wisdom!




and my absolutely favorite:


Pictures by photographer Jonpaul Douglass.  Via it’s nice that.

urban fabric / David Maisel


david maisel oblivion 3

david maisel oblivion_02

david maisel oblivion 5

david maisel oblivion 4

Bird’s eye view photographs of Los Angeles, from the Oblivion series, Black Maps projects by American photographer David Maisel.

Previous post on artist: History’s ShadowThe Mining Project

Protect and explore

Welcome to the pleasure universe! Wear your condom and roam as you wish!  Pleasure planets, comets and entire ecosystem of creatures and environments comprised of genitalia and porn clippings are designed by illustrator James Jean

Take me to your Leader

Exciting jewelleries and ritual objects for tribesmen, aliens, inhabitants of future lands and other creatures made by Los Angeles based artist Lauren Machen.

Lauren unconventionally hand-crafts wardrobe and accessory for editorial, video using found material.

Pictures by Maggie West , Wes Klain and Colleen Durkin (courtesy of the artist)

happens now, to a big city near you

This year’s Pillow Fight Day is scheduled for April 2.
Pillow fight Day is a collaborative project that comprises a loose, decentralized network of urban playground events. Meanwhile, the United Nations condemns Pillow Fight Day, having it classified as an “Abnormal Public Event”.
Found here. More on previous events, here. Link to video.

the dog DIES

thank you, thank you, thank you graffiti guy/girl!

via the day after you die

New Carver Apartments

Complex with 97 apartments for the formerly homeless, elderly and disabled residents of Los Angeles, downtown. Designed by Michael T. Maltzan. Found here.


L.A. 00.00

Night landscapes by Los Angeles based photographer Justin Carrasquillo. Via fubiz.