High speed landscape / Robert Schlaug


High speed landscape by German photographer Robert Schlaug

the circular nature of time II

Developed by NewMediology (Danqing Shi), Last clock is a clock app that uses popular slit scan technique to keep you in factual time, human time and remote time.
Just like any other analog clock, the app has three hands: one for seconds, minutes and hours. The hands, however, are made of a slice of live video that gets scanned to the clockface. With different refresh rate for the three hands, the three time circles reflect the rhythms of the space at different temporal resolutions.
The app also allows you to stream the last clock camera feed over the internet.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/27975734 w=560&h=312]

Found here. Link to video.
Link to the circular nature of time I.

TRON 2012

Star Trail Photographs from International Space Station by NASA astronaut Don Pettit.
Found here. More pictures here and here.

City of Shadows

City of Shadows is a series of long exposure photographs depicting the collapse of the Soviet Union, taken in 1991 by Alexey Titarenko.
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long exposure photographs of  the projection of  a  sliced male cadaver from the project 12:31, created by the art director Croix Gagnon and photographer Frank Schott

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