Under the Unminding Sky / Gregory Thielker

Under the unminding sky - Gregory Thielker 5

Until now, oil on linen, 2010

Under the unminding sky - Gregory Thielker 1

Complete Stop, oil on canvas 2008

Under the unminding sky - Gregory Thielker 4

Under Mountain Road, oil on canvas 2007

Under the unminding sky - Gregory Thielker 3

Route 7, oil on canvas, 2006


Under the Unminding Sky series by American painter Gregory Thielker

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The changing states of Solids


“Calm” by Shanghai based art collective MadeIn Company is an installation made of debris from construction sites, currently located at Vancouver’s outdoor exhibition space “Offsite“.
It is actually not made for people to walk on, rather than watching it slightly move by itself in a subtle wavy motion (watch video below and this news report)

Links to videos 1 & 2. via thisIsColossal.

end of ketchup

LiquiGlide, developed by a team at MIT’s Varanasi Research Group, is a surface coating for bottles’ interiors that lets ketchup or mayonnaise flow like water. The research came in second in MIT’s $100K Entrepreneurship Challenge, and is almost certainly destined for a bottle near you.
Found here. Link to video.

fluid vase

Fluid Vase, created by Fung Kwok Pan, is an object designed by simulating fluid action: a high speed camera was used to capture actual water motion in vases of different shapes at 500 frames per second.

Consumers can have various options such as the speed and volume of water, and are able to select a frame from the simulation. Production is done on demand using 3D printing.

Via creativeApplications.net