Orione / Giarnieri

Orione, indirect aluminum LED light source with cloth power cord to create your own luminous wall or ceiling compositions by Giarnieri.

Shine on!

Jonathan Speirs 1958-2012

Designers Working with Light # Speirs+Major


Ivan Toth Depeña´s permanent light-based installation in the Stephen Clark Government Center Lobby in Miami. Being one of the main stops in Miami’s MetroRail system, this space is definitely a commuters’ hub. Using sensors and light, Reflect re-interprets the communal nature and circulatory qualities of this space.

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The Matrix

Two incompatible technologies forced to operate in the same space, a lighting sculpture titled The Matrix,  by Dutch artist Kianoosh Motallebi

via triangulation

Vita lamp

Vita lamp by Lucente, designed from Danish architect Brian Rasmussen

via contemporist

more Garbage

light fixtures made of  vintage household items,  from Paris based designer and artist Gilles Eichenbaum (aka Garbage)

Coil lamp

A table lamp that can be used also as a 30 m  cable extension  from designer  Craighton Berman

baby wanton

table lamp from designer David Taylor