FUTAGAMI Cutlery knife

FUTAGAMI Towel hanger

Various objects and lights from Futagami, a Japanese brass foundry founded in 1897, all created in collaboration with designer Masanori Oji

Hold / llot llov


Hold is a wall mount which keeps a standard E27 sockets in its position. It’s an easy way to make a simple ceiling lamp solution into a wall light.

Available in 4 colours. Designed by multidisciplinary design studio llot llov.




Photo by Ender Suenni

Lucid Stead

LucidStead_01LucidStead_03 LucidStead_05LucidStead_08 LucidStead_07 LucidStead_09LucidStead_06

Art installation by Phillip K. Smith III in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree in California.

This is a project ” about light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change.” (See the interview here)

All images courtesy of Phillip K. Smith, III; photographers: Steve King, Lance Gerber, Lou Mora

Lucid Stead from lou mora.

Check out as well the Reflection Field project originally commissioned as part of the Coachella Music&Arts festival 2014.

Animal lamps / Tom Sachs

Sachs u look lamp detail

Three lamps made of scavenged objects by American sculptor Tom Sachs, from artist’s 2008 solo exhibition Animals, at Sperone-Westwater Gallery, NY.

#1 U Look lamp, #2 Ashtray Lion and #3 Tiger lamp.

tom Sachs u look lamp

Ashtray Lion Tom Sachs


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Sequin Kay

Use of sequins reaches another level on these meticulously ornate and decorative works. London based artist Sequin Kay draws inspiration from Indian culture and its interpretation of light and spirituality. If you are around London this December go and see Kay’s works in HangUpGallery  where she will be exhibiting with Lauren Baker. Kay also collaborated with Philip Levine on the amazing head piece shown below that was displayed in Old Street underground station in London.







Sam Baron

sam baron 7

Objects, furniture and pendant light by French designer Sam Baron

sam baron 2

sam baron collection

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Suspension Vertigo / Constance Guisset

wire ceiling vintahe lamps

Two white Suspension Vertigos lights, designed by Paris -based Constance Guisset, looking good @ Beau Marché

Campana Brothers

Campana Brothers, seat

Limited edition furniture and lights by the Brazilian design duo Campana Brothers (Fernando + Humberto).

Campana Brothers, seat 2

Campana Brothers, seat detail

Racket Screen and Chair w/detail. First image TransRock bench

Campana Brothers, light

Gallon Lamp II Phase Two


Boca Shelf



Leather Alligator Couch and Banquete

Campana Brothers, candlestick

Coal Candleholder


Boca Floor Lamp

Check out Campana Brothers: Concepts solo exhibition from June 5 to July 3, 2013 at Friedman Benda Gallery, New York.

Photos by: Ed Reeve, Fernando Laszlo

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Charlotte Kingsnorth

Charlotte Kingsnorth 1 Charlotte Kingsnorth 2 Charlotte Kingsnorth 3


Slashed sofa and ottoman, upholstered foam, stainless steel frame (above)

At One seat, timber frame, foam, velvet and sheet latex (following)


Charlotte Kingsnorth 13 Charlotte Kingsnorth 14



Hybreeds, a collection of vintage furniture frames and biomorphic foam forms


Charlotte Kingsnorth 7 Charlotte Kingsnorth 8

Charlotte Kingsnorth 9

Charlotte Kingsnorth 10

Charlotte Kingsnorth


Blo Lamp – hand blown glass, LEDs, stainless steel stand, concrete base (following)

Charlotte Kingsnorth 11

Charlotte Kingsnorth 12


All by UK industrial designer / artist Charlotte Kingsnorth

paper lights / Kazuhiro Yamanaka

It's only a paper moon.  kazuhiro yamanaka 1 It's only a paper moon.  kazuhiro yamanaka 2 It's only a paper moon.  kazuhiro yamanaka 3

kazuhiro yamanaka paper-LED-torch-light 1 kazuhiro yamanaka paper-LED-torch-light 2 kazuhiro yamanaka paper-LED-torch-light 3 kazuhiro yamanaka paper-LED-torch-light 4

It’s Only a Paper Moon pendant light and Paper LED Torchlight by London based designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka.

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Forms in Nature / Hilden & Diaz

Forms in Nature Light by Hilden - Diaz 01 Forms in Nature Light by Hilden - Diaz 02

Forms in Nature Light by Hilden - Diaz 03

Pendant light by the Danish-Argentinean artist couple Hilden & Diaz aka artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz.

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Wireflow / Arik Levy

wireflow01 wireflow02 wireflow02b wireflow04

Series of pendant LED lights designed by artist /designer Arik Levy, produced by spanish company Vibia.

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