Capacitor / John Grade


John Grade CAPACITOR 2

John Grade CAPACITOR 3

John Grade CAPACITOR 5

John Grade CAPACITOR 6

The Capacitor, a kinetic sculptural installation that slowly moves and changes its internal light itensity, in response to collected weather data, by American artist John Grade at Kohler Arts Center.

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22141231 / Nosigner

nosigner 5 nosigner

nosigner 2

nosigner 3


Light sculpture/ mirror designed by Japan-based design firm Nosigner, for the Taro Horiuchi fashion shop.
The diffused LED light is created by a special kind of aluminum foil which allows to reflect varying projections, so that you will never see the same light pattern on the wall. 22141231 is the title of this work, that was named after the perfect solar eclipse that will appeare about 200 years later


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Tesseract / Chistopher Moulde







Light sculpture  made from aluminum, brass, lathe turned borosilicate glass and fiberglass  (6.5 m high x 2.5 m diameter.) by American artist Chistopher Moulde. 

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Pablo Valbuena

Site-specific light sculptures by Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena.

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Jason Rogenes

Light sculptures and installations made from found packaging, by NY artist Jason Rogenes

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Carlo Bernardini

Light sculptures made from optical fibers from artist Carlo Bernardini.

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David Batchelor

Light sculptures from artist David Batchelor

Spectotem 2, lightboxes, steel supports, acrylic sheets, fluorescent lights, cable

Brick Lane Remix, steel shelving units, found lightboxes, acrylic sheet, vinyl, fluorescent light, plugboards, cable

Magic Hour, lightboxes, fluorescent lamps, acrylic sheet, steel support, cable

Fesdella, plastic bottles, low energy lamps, cable

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