Lost America / Troy Paiva

Troy Paiva late bloomers

Troy Paiva Mayan Ruins

Troy Paiva Monte Carlo Moonrise

Troy Paiva Spread Your Tiny Wings and Fly Away

Troy Paiva The Overlord

Troy Paiva

Troy Paiva Hot Enough to Melt Aluminum

Selection from the project titled Lost America by light painting American photographer Troy Paiva

Immaterials / Onformative

Onformative immaterials_1


Illustrations of fictional metadata forms into the physical space (article for Weave mag 05.11), created by Berlin based design studio Onformative, (Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer) in collaboration with designer and programmer Christopher Warnow, using the photographic technique of procedural lightpainting.


Onformative immaterials_2 Onformative immaterials_3 Onformative immaterials_4

Onformative immaterials_5

The lightpainting technique from Christopher Warnow

via proof

Picasso’s light drawings

picasso light drawings 1949 a

Pablo Picasso discovering a new photographic technique in 1949, by Albanian photographer Gjon Mili, from LIFE magazine.


picasso light drawings 1949 b

picasso light drawings 1949 c

picasso light drawings 1949 d

picasso light drawings 1949 e


“it was 1949 when Pablo Picasso was introduced to Gjon Mili, a photographer who at the time worked for LIFE magazine – where he demonstrated some of his images of ice skaters with lights fixed to their skates, jumping in the dark. Fascinated from the results, the spanish artist then conceived a series of projected light drawings in a dark room with two separate cameras and a small electric light attempting to ‘paint’ his versions of centaurs, bulls and Greek profiles.” via design boom

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