“The pilot’s melancholy” photo series by Polish photographer  Dominik Smialowski.
Found here. More of his works, here.


Collage on fabric by Dutch artist Bianca Runge.

storage barn / Gray Organschi

A workshop and storage facility within a watershed conservancy area, for a landscaping contractor, designed by Gray Organschi architects

via the fox is black

the tutu project

The tutu project by NY based photographer Bob Carey is a collection images, humorous stories and adventures of a guy (Bob himself) wearing a pink tulle.

Avoiding you

[vimeo w=580&h=310]

Music video made almost entirely in Google Earth by Bartholomäus Traubeck.
Audio track: Avoiding you by Lux Repeat.
Link to video.


Carved book landscapes from the series “Biblios” + “The Great Wall”, by artist Guy Laramee

time is of the essence

Music video directed by Andre Chocron for Cold Mailman‘s  “Time is of the essence”.
The buildings animated in the video are all in Oslo and their synchronized patterns of light and dark are achieved through computer trickery.

Still from "Time is of the Essence" by Cold Mailman

Still from "Time is of the Essence" by Cold MailmanFound here.
Link to video.

Future Continuous

Domestic appliances transformed into futuristic industrial buildings by Toronto based photographer and photoshop manipulator David Trautrima.
Found here.