lo-res Waterfalls


Gif by French artist and photographer Olivier Cablat


Raúl Lázaro

Raúl Lázaro Geografías

Imaginary landscapes created  with paper collage, by Madrid based visual artist Raúl Lázaro; the first two images are from artist’s new series Geografías y a veces ni eso.

Raúl Lázaro Geografías 2

Raúl LázaroCloudscapes series

Raúl Lázaro 2Insulario series

Raúl Lázaro 8

Raúl Lázaro 7Los Días Grises series

Raúl Lázaro 5Cometas Perdidas

Cascadia Exit / Michael Brophy

Michael Brophy 1Michael Brophy 2

Small gouache studies on paper, from the road trip series titled Cascadia Exit, by American artist Michael Brophy

love = love

Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_9-8x10Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_4-8x10Kent_Rogowski_Love_10Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_12-8x10  Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_8-8x10
Landscapes made of various puzzle pieces by Brooklyn based artist Kent Rogowski.
Found here.

Industry and Structure / George Kavanagh

george kavanagh 3george kavanaghgeorge kavanagh 6george kavanagh 09

george kavanagh 7george kavanagh 10

george kavanagh 01

From the series Structure and Industry by London based commercial photographer George Kavanagh.

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the tourist

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/30190123 w=560&h=310]

“The tourist” by Berlin based multimedia artist  Clemens Wilhelm explores the visual language of porn, clashed with National geographic and Caspar David Friedrich‘s romantic landscapes.
Link to video.

Riverside playground / Noguchi

Photos from a cast bronze (!) model, proposal for a playground area in the Riverside Park, New York City, by the master of sculptural landscape Isamu Noguchi (1094-1988) in collaboration with architect Louis Kahn (1901-1974). The architects had to redesign five times this playground from 1961 to 1966, but the project was finally cancelled due to neighborhood opposition.

pix found @ playscapes.

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Axiom & Simulation

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