High speed landscape / Robert Schlaug


High speed landscape by German photographer Robert Schlaug

Interruptions / Mathieu Bernard Reymond

Clo_ds III, de la série Interruption, 2014

Oean III, from the Interruption series, 2013

Clo_ds II, de la série Interruption, 2014

Clo_ds IV, de la série Interruption, 2015

Digital landscapes from the Interruption series by french photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond.

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In dreams / Petros Koublis

petros koublis in dreams

petros koublis in dreams 9

petros koublis in dreams 2

petros koublis in dreams 1

petros koublis in dreams 7

petros koublis in dreams 6

petros koublis in dreams 3

petros koublis in dreams 5

A Mythology of the Unseen from the In Dreams series by Greek photographer Petros Koublis.

Sunset / Hollis Brown Thornton

Hollis Brown Thornton - sunsetSunset, acrylic on canvas (76x66cm), by American artist Hollis Brown Thornton

Nomentana Garden / MVVA

MVVA Nomentana house 1

The entrance and pathways of the Nomentana house on Horseshoe lake, Maine, US, designed by Manhattan based landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA)

MVVA Nomentana house 2

MVVA Nomentana house  4

MVVA Nomentana house 7

MVVA Nomentana house entrance 1

MVVA Nomentana house entrance

Morimura Ray

Morimura Ray 1

Morimura Ray

Morimura Ray-Pagoda

Morimura Ray 3

Morimura Ray morimura-20

Morimura Ray - Mukoujima

Morimura Ray Shiogama

Woodblock artprints by Japanese painter Morimura Ray, found at socks

Confetti quilts / Noriko Endo



Art quilts created by Japanese master quilter Noriko Endo. The artist has developed a unique quilting technique called Confetti Naturescapes, which involves layering colorful bits of fabric on batting, adding a covering of tulle and then machine quilting the entire piece.


Endo Noriko


Cherry Blossoms by Noriko Endo



Endo Noriko


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lo-res Waterfalls


Gif by French artist and photographer Olivier Cablat


Raúl Lázaro

Raúl Lázaro Geografías

Imaginary landscapes created  with paper collage, by Madrid based visual artist Raúl Lázaro; the first two images are from artist’s new series Geografías y a veces ni eso.

Raúl Lázaro Geografías 2

Raúl LázaroCloudscapes series

Raúl Lázaro 2Insulario series

Raúl Lázaro 8

Raúl Lázaro 7Los Días Grises series

Raúl Lázaro 5Cometas Perdidas

Cascadia Exit / Michael Brophy

Michael Brophy 1Michael Brophy 2

Small gouache studies on paper, from the road trip series titled Cascadia Exit, by American artist Michael Brophy

love = love

Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_9-8x10Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_4-8x10Kent_Rogowski_Love_10Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_12-8x10  Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_8-8x10
Landscapes made of various puzzle pieces by Brooklyn based artist Kent Rogowski.
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Industry and Structure / George Kavanagh

george kavanagh 3george kavanaghgeorge kavanagh 6george kavanagh 09

george kavanagh 7george kavanagh 10

george kavanagh 01

From the series Structure and Industry by London based commercial photographer George Kavanagh.

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