AI art / Robbie Barrat

Using an implementation of Progressive Growing of GANs and a corpus of tens of thousands of landscape oil or nude paintings scraped from WikiArt, Robbie Barrat trained a neural network to generate new artworks. These are some of  his haunting results..


AI Generated Landscape Paintings





AI Generated Nude Portraits






High speed landscape / Robert Schlaug


High speed landscape by German photographer Robert Schlaug

Interruptions / Mathieu Bernard Reymond

Clo_ds III, de la série Interruption, 2014

Oean III, from the Interruption series, 2013

Clo_ds II, de la série Interruption, 2014

Clo_ds IV, de la série Interruption, 2015

Digital landscapes from the Interruption series by french photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond.

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In dreams / Petros Koublis

petros koublis in dreams

petros koublis in dreams 9

petros koublis in dreams 2

petros koublis in dreams 1

petros koublis in dreams 7

petros koublis in dreams 6

petros koublis in dreams 3

petros koublis in dreams 5

A Mythology of the Unseen from the In Dreams series by Greek photographer Petros Koublis.

Sunset / Hollis Brown Thornton

Hollis Brown Thornton - sunset


Sunset, acrylic on canvas (76x66cm), by American artist Hollis Brown Thornton

Nomentana Garden / MVVA

MVVA Nomentana house 1

The entrance and pathways of the Nomentana house on Horseshoe lake, Maine, US, designed by Manhattan based landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA)

MVVA Nomentana house 2

MVVA Nomentana house  4

MVVA Nomentana house 7

MVVA Nomentana house entrance 1

MVVA Nomentana house entrance

Morimura Ray

Morimura Ray 1

Morimura Ray

Morimura Ray-Pagoda

Morimura Ray 3

Morimura Ray morimura-20

Morimura Ray - Mukoujima

Morimura Ray Shiogama

Woodblock artprints by Japanese painter Morimura Ray, found at socks

Confetti quilts / Noriko Endo



Art quilts created by Japanese master quilter Noriko Endo. The artist has developed a unique quilting technique called Confetti Naturescapes, which involves layering colorful bits of fabric on batting, adding a covering of tulle and then machine quilting the entire piece.


Endo Noriko


Cherry Blossoms by Noriko Endo



Endo Noriko


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