the girls are easy

A hand-picked selection from Americal Apparel‘s slideshows presenting an ideal word were all the girls are pretty, long-haired, young, stylish, fit, gracious, healthy, full of promises, the sun is shining and everything smells of candy!

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form follows infection

Series of computerized doilies patterned after microscopic images of dangerous/ lethal viruses (HIV, Influenza and Herpes above) , made of machine-embroidered rayon lace by textile artist Laura Splan.

via aesthetic interlude

+ check the traditional Mexican papercuts for the Day of the dead here

the ancient craft of lace-making

Deluxe toilet paper by unknown designer, found here.

lace fence

Lace Fence is a design of Dutch Design House Demakersvan. It is a high-end metal fabric that combines the ancient craft of lace making with the industrial chainlink fence.

white snake

Lace skeleton  from Sandrine Pelletier