It started with a kiss…

emersonbeijoJust in case attention is drawn to ongoing daily protests in Brasilian cities … better talk about FootballI wonder why…

My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love

russian athlets

brezhnevBrezhnev did it, why can’t other Russians?


Laetitia Bica kiss

Kiss by Belgian photographer Laetitia Bica

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the life aquatic #2

Full length docufiction by filmmaker Charlie Foley for Animal Planet presenting the aquatic ape hypothesis, the theory that long ago, a group of human ancestors evolved to become sea creatures.

The haunting illustration above was found here.
More on the video, here.
Link to youtube video.

all I want is your candy

Chloë Sevigny explores her masculine side and makes out with Terry Richardson as a clone of him, for the cover of Candy, an independent, limited edition magazine dedicated to celebrating all aspects of androgyny through art, fashion, glamour, icons, and fun.
Chech Candy’s latest viral below:

More on the photo shoot.
Link to Chloë & Terry’s video.
Link to Candy’s video.

street fights

Best Ever is a street artist using a mixture of graffiti and realish that makes his work discrete. Here are  Urban Angels, one of his legal mural on an art gallery’s exterior, in London.

The continual friction between street art—the legal kind especially—and graffiti  is a global phenomenon. So it only took  only few days for a graffiti writer named 10 FOOT to go over Urban Angels mural, adding a public sentiment that is likely shared by many graffiti writers: “Say No To Art Fags.” And here is the result..

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