Yoh Nagao

Humpbackwhale, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Hop, Step and Cat, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Hanamichi, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Lost and Found, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Untitled, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Heat Rumble, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Stranger than Mine 5, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Their days till today 2, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Collages made of fashion magazine and paint by Berlin-based Japanese artist Yoh Nagao

” Beyond the edge of the world there’s a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap, where past and future form a continuous, endless loop. And, hovering about, there are signs no one has ever read, chords no one has ever heard. ”

Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Reborn / Masaya Kushino

Images from Reborn,  an art piece created by Kyoto based shoe designer Masaya Kushino, for the NIPPON ZINE charity event in Tokyo, 2011.

Equip / Sides Core

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core  01

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core  02

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core  03

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 04

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 05

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 06

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 07

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 08

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 09

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 10

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 11

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 12

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 15

Equip, a minimal hair and beauty salon designed to accommodate one client at a time, by Osaka-based design studio Sides Core, led by Sohei and Sumiko Arao.

Read more @ ignant

Images by Yoshiro Masuda

Light / YOY








Aluminum LED light fixture, available as floor or table lamp, by Tokyo based YOY studio, aka designers Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto.

Photographs by Yasuko Furukawa

Previously: Peel light from YOY

K8 / FBA

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 1

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 4

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 3

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 5

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 6

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 2

Steel staircase inside K8, a narrow commercial building in Kyoto, Japan, designed by Tokyo based Florian Busch Architects.

Read more @ domusweb.

Photographs by Nacasa & Partners.



Q-TA 2

Q-TA 5

Q-TA 8

Q-TA 1

Q-TA 10

Q-TA 11

Surrealistic illustrations by Japanese art director / collage artist Q-TA

Happy Paradies / Hiroshi Fuji

Hiroshi Fuji 1

Hiroshi Fuji 2b

Hiroshi Fuji 5

Hiroshi Fuji 4

Hiroshi Fuji dtl

Hiroshi Fuji 2

Installation titled Happy Paradies, at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji. Images courtesy of the artist.

Falling Water / Hiroshi Senju

Series of falling water artworks by Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju.

All images by Nacasa & Partners Inc.


The Fall Room installation, Hiroshi Senju Museum, Japan, 2011

Hiroshi Senju Museum the_fall_room_02

Hiroshi Senju Museum the_fall_room_01


Grand Hayatt Tokyo, 2003







World Of Blue exhibition, Higashiyama Kaii Setouchi Art Museum, Japan, 2010



Jukoin Ito Betsuin, Ito Japan, 2005

Ito_Betsuin 1

Ito_Betsuin 2



Screen painting for Shofuso,  Philadelphia, USA, 2007




House in Hibaru / Suppose Design

hibaru-07 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-06 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-01 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-04 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-02 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-03 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-05 Suppose Design Office

A 112sqm split level family house, build on the slope of the water reservoir in Fukuoka, created by Japan-based Suppose Design Office.

Photos by Toshiyuki Yano – via dezeen

An Observer’’s Report / Yuichi Ikehata

Yuichi Ikehata works 01

Yuichi Ikehata works 04

Yuichi Ikehata works 03

Yuichi Ikehata works 02

Yuichi Ikehata works 08

Yuichi Ikehata works

Creative photography by Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata

Light / Anrealage AW15-16

Anrealage AW15-16

Anrealage 2

Anrealage 3

Anrealage 4

Anrealage 5

Anrealage 7

Anrealage 8

Anrealage 9

Anrealage 10

Anrealage 11

Light, the second collection of Japanese fashion house Anrealage for Autumn – Winter ’15-16, by creative director Kunihiko Morinagathe. Check out the amazing catwalk video from Paris Fashion Week for some coat extravaganza and the special black fabric that made the printed textures only visible under ultraviolet lights. (source)