Dinosaurs / Shimoda Masakatsu

Dinosaurs made of stuffed white cotton by Japanese fabric artist Shimoda Masakatsu.

Yukinori Dehara

Hand painted -paper clay or vinyl- sculptures by Japanese character illustrator and artist Yukinori Dehara

gallery images courtesy of Giantrobot

Voice of Coffee / Yusuke Seki

The interior of a former barber shop turned into “Voice of Coffee” shop in Kobe, Japan by design studio Yusuke Seki

Almost all of the structural elements were left as they were found during the demolition process. As studio’s Mamie Nishida says: “We are not interested in using 100 per cent new materials…Our focus is on the coexistence of past and future in contemporary projects.”

Via Frame

Photos by Takumi Ota

Yoh Nagao

Humpbackwhale, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Collages made of fashion magazine and paint by Berlin-based Japanese artist Yoh Nagao


Hop, Step and Cat, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Hanamichi, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Lost and Found, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Untitled, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Heat Rumble, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Stranger than Mine 5, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Their days till today 2, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

” Beyond the edge of the world there’s a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap, where past and future form a continuous, endless loop. And, hovering about, there are signs no one has ever read, chords no one has ever heard. ”

Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Reborn / Masaya Kushino

Images from Reborn,  an art piece created by Kyoto based shoe designer Masaya Kushino, for the NIPPON ZINE charity event in Tokyo, 2011.

Equip / Sides Core

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 01

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 02

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 03

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 04

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 05

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 06

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 07

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 08

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 09

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 10

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 11

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 12

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 15

Equip, a minimal hair and beauty salon designed to accommodate one client at a time, by Osaka-based design studio Sides Core, led by Sohei and Sumiko Arao.

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Images by Yoshiro Masuda

Light / YOY








Aluminum LED light fixture, available as floor or table lamp, by Tokyo based YOY studio, aka designers Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto.

Photographs by Yasuko Furukawa

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