Kronløb island / COBE architects

Designs for the new artificial island in the harbor basin of Copenhagen, Denmark, that will include houses, urban spaces, bridges and a large underground parking facility. The island will serve also as a stepping-stone between two new neighborhoods in the future city district and will break up the harbor basin into a number of intimate canals.

Kronløb island is an ongoing project by COBE architects.






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An emerging post-catastrophe phenomenon of anti-islands @flooded Mississippi, where artificial pieces of dry land are actually lower than the surrounding waters, creating a new strange subversion of suburban life.
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King of Ruins

tr7itr6udr6u6u tr67ury6dr5yu5y7itf6udtr6udr6u tr67uirdty6udr5yrd t6r6u8tr6ut67uThe deserted island of Gunkanjima (or Hashima Island or Battleship Island) was a coal mining colony based on an island roughly the size of a football field.
It was the most densely populated place on earth until Mitsubishi, the company who owned the island, closed the operation in 1974.
Upon closing they offered the population to apply for jobs on the mainland, leading to a mass-exodus within only a few days of closing its mines. Thus, the island was left as if a neutron bomb had gone through it, with people´s breakfasts remaining on the tables, bicycles leaning on the walls, and beds still unmade.
The following documentary was created in 2002 by Swedish filmmaker and artist Thomas Nordanstad.

More pictures and info here. Link to video.