monday morning coffee shot

AeroShot Pure Energy is the brainchild of Harvard professor David Edwards whose culinary innovations include inhalable chocolate and many others.
It delivers an airborne shot of instant energy: Each cartridge contains 100 mg. of caffeine, 6 to 8 puffs of fine powder that dissolves instantly in your mouth. It provides as much caffeine in one shot as a large cup of strong coffee. It´s safe and healthy, completely calorie free (unlike coffee or energy drinks), plus it won´t stain your teeth.
AeroShot will be hitting the stores soon, but you can apply at their website for a free sample.
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ready for my close up #2

Electronic Instant Camera by Niklas Roy is a combination of an analog b/w videocamera and a thermal receipt printer: The camera doesn’t store the pictures on film or digital medium, but prints a photo directly on a roll of cheap receipt paper while it is taking it. As this all happens very slow, people have to stay still for about three minutes until a full portrait photo is taken.

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science in style

Fabrican‘s  instant sprayable, non-woven fabric, in “Science in style” fashion show by Spanish fashion designer Dr. Manel Torres.

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