The Zoo / FANG Er

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´´½¨: PolyView(R) °æ±¾ 4.28 ÓÚ Polybytes

FANG Er - The Zoo 3

FANG Er - The Zoo 4

FANG Er - The Zoo 7

Series of photographs, made in Beijing, while the entire city was under construction for the coming 2008 Olympic Games, manipulated  to appear as if they were insects by artist Fang Er, via M97 Gallery.

wildlife illustrations / Colleen Parker

Colleen Parker 02


Colleen Parker 05


Colleen Parker


Colleen Parker 08


Colleen Parker 07


Colleen Parker 09


Ink and watercolour wildlife illustrations by Colleen Parker

New Bees

New Bees, short film directed and produced by Polynoid collective of Berlin based studio & production company Woodblock. Commissioned by Greenpeace.


Hiroshima Appeals

Yusaku Kamekura Hiroshima Appeals 1983

Butterflies burning in the flash of an atomic blast, the first poster from the series Hiroshima Appeals, designed in 1983 by Japanese master Yusaku Kamekura (1915-1997), from Takushoku University Arts Library.

The Hiroshima Appeals posters were produced annually from 1983 to 1990 by the Japan Graphic Design Association Inc, and the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation, Inc.

via BibliOdyssey

Game Over

Game over_mosquitoTemporary installation at Rio de Janeiro’s international airport restrooms… [pic by WWT]

dragonfly / Rinia





I’m always absolutely fascinated by insects. I found this big guy last summer, wasting time on Rinia island, a small historical place -uninhabited by law- close to Mykonos and Delos islands, Greece. Click images to enlarge.

photos elasticeye

Scarabaeid family / Edwin L. Wisherd

scarabs Edwin L. Wisherd, national geo 1929

A group of scarabs photographed by Edwin L. Wisherd, for National Geographic, July 1929

credit roach

Eugenio Merino

by Spanish artist Eugenio Merino

previously: Peace Medals + Stairway to Heaven

black cloud




Black Cloud by Mexican artist Carlos Amorales is an installation involving tens of thousands of black paper months affixed to the walls of large interior spaces.
The piece was first installed at Yvon Lambert gallery, NY,in 2007 (youtube video below) and then in a different configuration at an old baroque church in Spain that was converted to a multi-use space called Espacio AV in 2009 (pictures above).

Found here.


Zhang Huan dragon fly 1





Dragonfly prints (150 x 80 cm each) by Chinese artist Zhang Huan

the grasshopper

Amazing grasshopper (?) mask found on Facebook.

Find more animal masks here + there

a zed & two noughts

Time lapse created by London’s Natural History Museum showing a great green macaw, a tawny owl and a mountain peacock-pheasant decomposing to skeletons with the help of flesh-eating beetles.
Chemical preparation of skeletons can cause damage to the bones so a special beetle species, Dermestes haemarrhoidalis, is used to strip off the flesh while leaving the bones and collagen untouched.
Link to video.