A Thesis on the Shelf / Elias Kafouros


kafouros ilias

From the upcoming solo exhibition titled A Thesis on the Shelf, by Greek artist Elias Kafouros, from 25 April – 8 June, at AlphaΔelta gallery, Athens, Greece.

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Vasilj Godzh

Vasilj Godzh 1

Vasilj Godzh. 3

Vasilj Godzh. 2

Ink on paper drawings by Russian graphic designer Vasilj Godzh (plz click to enlarge).

beauty, death, and the mundane

drawings by Jackson S. Wingate from his Blood Factory tmblr, featuring fleshy, disfigured, twisted,  darkly-humored creatures that are often in a philosophical mood.

blood farm 3 blood farm 10  blood farm5 blood farm8 blood farm9 blood farm14click HERE for one more…


Victor (black ink and dip pen on 45x64cm paper) is a skull illustration created specially for clothing company HERETICS by Alex Konahin.
It took 2 weeks to complete.
Found here.

Its not a game anymore

Ink drawing on aquarelle paper (122x152cm) titled ” Its not a game anymore “,  from the brilliant Greek artist Elias Kafouros

my body is a journal

tattly_josh_smith_cursors_web_applied_01_grande tattly_james_victore_james_web_applied_02_grande tattly_james_victore_scribble_web_applied_02_grandeCursor teardrop,  ful-list-of-ex-boyfriends and scribble temporary tattoos by Tattly for 5$ per set (click on images to order).

M/M Ink

Advertisement for M/M Ink eau de parfum, a perfume inspired by the scent of Asian ink, created by M/M advertising agency, Paris, France. Found here.