Backstay Hostel bar

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens

The lobby bar of Backstay Hostel, in Ghent, Belgium, upholstered with hundreds of wooden typesetting letters, designed by Nele Van Damme & Yannick Baeyen.

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens 3

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens 2

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Gervasutti bivouac / LEAPfactory

Zero impact - LEAPfactory

The amazing Gervasutti bivouac is a prefabricated high tech climber’s hostel, commissioned by CAI Torino -the Italian Alpine Club on Mt. Blanc, Italy- designed by LEAPfactory.

The hostel is named after the great Italian mountaineer Guisto Gervasutti and looks out over the same mountain range he was the first to conquer – the east face of the Grandes Jorasses – which he scaled in 1942.

Zero impact - LEAPfactory design

Zero impact - LEAPfactory design 1 Zero impact - LEAPfactory design 2 Zero impact - LEAPfactory design 3

Zero impact - LEAPfactory design 4 Zero impact - LEAPfactory design 5 Zero impact - LEAPfactory design 6

The Gervasutti shelter is solar-powered and equipped with a unit to measure local conditions (self-diagnosis, weather conditions, web-cam, emergency rescue communication) connected with logistic and rescue headquarters. The shelter offers a sanitary module with a biological toilet, wooden bunk beds, living area with kitchenette and a breathtaking view above Freboudze glacier.

LEAPfactory 2

Zero impact - LEAPfactory 2

Zero impact - LEAPfactory 1 Zero impact - LEAPfactory roof

Zero impact - LEAPfactory beds

Zero impact - LEAPfactory interiors

Zero impact - LEAPfactory 8

Zero impact - LEAPfactory 9

Zero impact - LEAPfactory view 2

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Gray Ox

Hotel Zlatibor in the Serbian city of Užice opened its doors on 24 September 1981. It was designed by a (then) young architect Svetlana Radovic and nicknamed  “Sivonja,” which means “The Gray Ox,” an affectionate reference to its color and shape.  Luxuriously designed with a piano bar and rooms dressed in brown velvet and employing he best chefs, waiters, confectioners and other service personnel the Grey Ox was both a tourist magnet and a symbol of of Yugoslav confidence. During the 90s and in connection with the collapse of Yugoslavia,  the sanctions against Serbia  and consequently the complete lack of maintenance, the building started steadily decaying. Nowadays, the Ox might be old but it still maintains its strength: beautiful and dynamic architecture and the hotel still operating!

P1200401 bw  P1200407 bw

P1200414 bw

P1200415 bw

P1200392 bw

P1200390 bw2

I love that picture because It shows the context in which this bold building was built and how pioneering and progressive architecture can be.

Pictures taken on April 2013 by WWT

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Flattered / Porto


If you are travelling to Porto, Portugal and feel uncomfortable in hotel chains, the Flattered apartments  is a cool place to stay.

Closely situated to the old town of Porto, offers 5 different apartments for rent, each for 2 or 3p per 110, with  fully equipped kitchen and resonable cost.

The property is managed by Miguel, an animal sciences consultant. Book here.







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Astley Castle / Witherford Watson Mann Architects

the Astley Castle renovation  13


A high end guest house build into an abandon medieval ex-royal castle in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. Designed by Witherford Watson Mann Architects for the Landmark Trust.

Astley is a unified site of great complexity and resonance: moated castle, gateway and vestigial curtain walls, lake, church and the ghost of pleasure gardens all combine in a picturesque landscape of great power.  The Astley Castle can accommodate 8 people. You may book here.


the Astley Castle renovation  1

the Astley Castle renovation  2

the Astley Castle renovation  3

the Astley Castle renovation  4

the Astley Castle renovation  5

the Astley Castle renovation  6

the Astley Castle renovation  7

the Astley Castle renovation  8

the Astley Castle renovation 9

the Astley Castle renovation  11

the Astley Castle renovation  10

the Astley Castle renovation  9

the Astley Castle renovation  12



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the Million Donkey hotel  
the Waterhouse hotel

Reception cloud

A  sculptural reception desk, part of a complete renovation of the showroom for the furniture brand Prestige Group in Nicosia, Cyprus. Designers Erhan & Mustafa Afsaroglu

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panic room

Double bedroom in Au vieux panier hotel @Marseille, France, designed by graffiti artist Tilt.
Photography by BigAddict.
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Pump Room

Floor-to ceiling light installation inside the Pump Room restaurant at Public Hotel, Chicago,  (ex- legendary Ambassador East hotel), designed by Milan’s Dimore Studio’s artists for the famous hotelier Ian Schrager.

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