Music video for the track “Pleasures [FIELDS]“ by British music producer Max Cooper in collaboration with Canadian art rock band BRAIDS.
Every element of the video is handmade, scanned, then animated with a video editing software by Belgian artist / illustrator Cédric De Smedt.
More info on original post. Link to youtube video.

Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web1 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web3 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web5 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web7 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web8 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web9 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web10

too good to eat

Sunday morning treat found here.

Playing cards by Felix Blommestijn

Felix Blommestijn 2

Playing cards – an ongoing project- by Netherlands-based graphic designer Felix Blommestijn.

love is a many splendored thing

Texas-based family run fake poop company, Brown Fido, has hand-sculpted an “I ♥ U” fake dog poop gift for Valentine’s Day.
If you prefer, the heart-shaped fake dog poop is sold separately.
Brown Fido makes many other poop-shaped items, as you can see in their promotional video:

Via laughingSquid.


Cuore by 22 y.o. designer Liviana Osti is a pair of glass carafes shaping a human heart when joined together.
Found here.

Eat my heart out

Valentines bleeding hearts convey perfectly the message: Love hurts! You can rip them, stick your teeth in the ‘flesh’ and suck the ‘blood’ most preferably in front of the eyes of your beloved. After that, he/she/it conveniently will never propose to celebrate the day again.

Valentines bleeding hearts baked by Lily Vanilli are actually a red velvet sponge, cream cheese frosting and blackcurrant & cherry ‘blood’, they are delicious and they do the job!

see bellow for the table etiquette :

via who killed bambi

spread your love

“Spread your love” bicycle tires by Iranian designer Hamed Kohan. Found here.

delicate heart

wool heart from Sarah Illenberger