Long Day / The Singing Head

Long Day by The Singing Head, a solo project by Greek composer / performer Aris Siafas. Track from the album All Day Dance and Play.
Video created by Haris La

House A

A video on the gut renovation of an old 34 m2 studio with  small garden, in Athens Greece, by designer Werner Maritsas aka elasticeye aka myself. The footage was originaly made for Kristen Dirksen and featured at Faircompanies as “Athens tiny home grows with built-in furniture & fluid garden“.

Above a version edited by another member of our team, harisla aka architect Haris Lalousis.

The aim was to create a spacious, minimal and open space, out of an old and rather dark urban tinny appartment. Scroll down for photos

werner maritsas house a corridor-11 werner maritsas house a


2 3house-a--garden-2

You may find more photos / info on this project @ my site here