Too old to get intimidated…

“How do you answer to those who accuse you of practicing exhibitionist architecture?” Frank Gehry_dedoYeah!  / Yeah! (eng)

Francesca Woodman

Mid 70’s photographs by Francesca Woodman  (1958 – 1981), from the current Guggenheim’s retrospective on the artist.

Chamberlain, Choises

Sculptures created from scrap metal and used automobile bodies, by the American artist John Chamberlain (1927 –  2011), from the exhibition Choices @ Guggenheim

Maurizio Cattelan – All

Maurizio Cattelan- All, a retrospective with 128 works -described by the artist as his swan song – at Guggenheim (November 4, 2011–January 22, 2012)

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experiencing the void

‘Experiencing the void’ is a concept by JDS Architects, where architecture is transformed to contemplate the empty central space of the Guggenheim museum, using a mesh trampoline spiral slide.

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