Digital Ruins / Myrto Amorgianou

Myrto Amorgianou -may the marilyn force be with u


Myrto Amorgianou - gothic church


Myrto Amorgianou - when i went to the beach


Myrto Amorgianou - summer reflections 2


Myrto Amorgianou -Edward Weston


Myrto Amorgianou -mr bateman


Myrto Amorgianou -Metropolis

Images from the ongoing project Digital Ruins by Greek visual artist Myrto Amorgianou.

Greece / Cleon Peterson

cleon paterson - greece print 1

cleon paterson - greece print dtl

Black-figure print titled Greece by L.A. based artist Cleon Peterson.

Stoa Emporon


The lifeless ground floor galleria of the Merchants Fund building, located in the commercial center of Athens, Greece. Built during the World War II and designed by Greek architects Leonidas Bonis and Emmanuel Lazaridis (Image credit).

Ktima House / C. Rebelo and S. Martins

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 1

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 2

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 3

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 5

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 4

Ktima, a half-buried 720sqm holiday house designed to connect like a bridge the two sides of a 25560 sqm valley plot, in Antiparos island, Greece. By architects Camilo Rebelo and Susana Martins for Oliaros developers.

Photos by Mads Mogensen – via archdaily

previously: Aloni house by Oliaros


mosaic athens center

B&W mosaic spotted in the basement of a decadent 60’s shopping center in Athens, Greece. Image by WWT.

Greek Torso / Angel Gil

Angel Gil  Greek Torso

Ancient Greek marble torso, photographed by Angel Gil.

abandoned property II

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 5

Abandoned old cycladic property with a small tidy chapel surrounded by group of ruins and opuntias, spotted on a glorious October day in Mykonos island, Greece.

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 1

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 2


abandoned property Mykonos wwt 3

abandoned property Mykonos church



 images for wewastetime

private winery


The interiors of a secluded winery, located in the vineyards of a vast Mykonian private estate.

Image for WeWasteTime