Greek Torso / Angel Gil

Angel Gil  Greek Torso

Ancient Greek marble torso, photographed by Angel Gil.

abandoned property II

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 5

Abandoned old cycladic property with a small tidy chapel surrounded by group of ruins and opuntias, spotted on a glorious October day in Mykonos island, Greece.

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 1

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 2


abandoned property Mykonos wwt 3

abandoned property Mykonos church



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private winery


The interiors of a secluded winery, located in the vineyards of a vast Mykonian private estate.

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Seeking Locccations under the autumn sky, Aegean Sea. Image WWT.

fleeting tranquility


Glorious afternoon break from the wild Aegean Meltemi winds, at serfers paradise Ftelia beach, Mykonos island, Greece. Image WWT

Farma Kreaton / Minas Kosmidis

farma kreaton Minas Kosmidis 00

Farma Kreaton or Fabrica Kreaton, a two story restaurant located in Komotini, Greece, designed in 2012 by Greek architect Minas Kosmidis.

farma kreaton Minas Kosmidis 11

farma kreaton Minas Kosmidis 05

farma kreaton Minas Kosmidis 01b

farma kreaton Minas Kosmidis 02

farma kreaton Minas Kosmidis 06

fabrica kreaton Minas Kosmidis 15

fabrica kreaton Minas Kosmidis 09

fabrica kreaton Minas Kosmidis 12

Shame intervention / Borondo

borondo shame athens

borondo shame k44

borondo shame athens k44

Series of vitraux titled Shame, on the facade of Club K44, located in Athens, Greece, by Spanish street artist Borondo.

Artist previously feat. here.

clay anthrakia / Delos, Greece

ancient greek stove -delos island

Ancient Greek clay anthrakia aka coal-fuel stove, used for cooking and heating, found at the Archaeological museum of Delos, Greece.

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owl of nevermore



Garage door found strolling downtown Athens Greece. The owl graffiti created by Greek street artists DonForty and Blaqk

photo WeWasteTime

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interventions of the Antikytherian sea sculptors



70–60 BC Greek life-size marble statues, raised from the Antikythera Ship-wreck found by a team of sponge divers in 1900.The parts buried by the sand are exceptionally preserved while the rest of the Parian marble was disfigured by stone-eating organisms.

The first diver to lay eyes on the shipwreck described the scene as a heap of rotting corpses and horses lying on the sea bed,







From the exhibition Antikythera Shipwreck, the Ship, the Treasures, the Mechanism, at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, photos by WeWasteTime.

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Vasilios Paspalis

vasilios paspalis 3

vasilios paspalis 1

vasilios paspalis

vasilios paspalis dtl

vasilios paspalis 2b

vasilios paspalis 2

vasilios paspalis 7

Digital artworks by Greek artist Vasilios Paspalis

George Bogiatzidis

George Bogiatzidis 7

George Bogiatzidis 4

George Bogiatzidis 1

George Bogiatzidis 2

George Bogiatzidis 3

George Bogiatzidis



Brilliant handmade collages by Greek artist George Bogiatzidis