Digital Ruins / Myrto Amorgianou

Myrto Amorgianou -may the marilyn force be with u


Myrto Amorgianou - gothic church


Myrto Amorgianou - when i went to the beach


Myrto Amorgianou - summer reflections 2


Myrto Amorgianou -Edward Weston


Myrto Amorgianou -mr bateman


Myrto Amorgianou -Metropolis

Images from the ongoing project Digital Ruins by Greek visual artist Myrto Amorgianou.

Noise: Error in the Void / ScanLAB

Glitched stills and video taken from the large scale 3D scanning project of Berlin’s Oberbaum bridge, by UK based ScanLAB Projects studio of Matthew Shaw and William Trossell.

The two films of Noise: Error in the Void presented at London’s Surface Gallery, take viewer on a series of orbits around a single, unedited, scan captured in Berlin in November 2013. The camera journeys through the droning spheres of error and cataclysmic arrays of inaccurate points


ScanLAB Projects, Noise Error in the Void

ScanLAB Projects, Noise Error in the Void 4

ScanLAB Projects, Noise Error in the Void 2

ScanLAB Projects, Noise Error in the Void 1

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There’s More Than One of Everything

8 glitch2 8930179069_7a4d251328_o glitch1 glitch5 8284939475_7101b9f141_o 8809343033_e32188168a_z
Trapcode founder Peder Norrby’s series of well-executed screen captures of glitched iPhone map images, give us a vision of a weird post-apocalyptic parallel world.
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13 Compositions / Yoshi Sodeoka

Gifs  by NY based multidisciplinary artist Yoshi Sodeoka, from the online ANI GIF exhibition titled 13 Compositions.

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previously: the 13th by Yoshi Sodeoka

broken gradients

Chromogenic prints with aluminum frame (50×70 cm) created by Manuel Fernández for Rhizome at the New Museum Artbase (N.Y.)