flow(t) / Nao Tamura

Nao Tamura FLOW chandelier 0 Nao Tamura FLOW chandelier 2 Nao Tamura FLOW chandelier 3 Nao Tamura FLOW chandelier 3b

Nao Tamura FLOW chandelier 1

Blown glass light sculpture inspired of the Venetian landscape by Brooklyn-based Japanese designer Nao Tamura, designed for Wonderglass chandeliers.

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glass menagerie

“Miniature people” by artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is an interactive installation where people in his life are encased and preserved inside jars, suitcases and blenders, with the use of video mapping and projection.
Link to youtube video. Link to original TED video.

battlefield chic

Machine gun glass pipes by artist and flameworker Robert Mickelsen.
Link to youtube video.
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Fishscape is a handmade fishbowl designed by Aruliden for Gaia and Gino with an interior shaped like a mountain range.
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Cuore by 22 y.o. designer Liviana Osti is a pair of glass carafes shaping a human heart when joined together.
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Graham Caldwell

Sculptures by artist Graham Caldwell


Jelloware are biodegradable, edible (and vegan!) cups that are flavored to compliment the drink inside. You can eat your cup as you sip your drink, and any leftover remnants can be composted.
Found here. Watch video, here.

love thy rainbow

Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka is a 9-meter-high stained glass installation made with approximately 500 crystal prisms that fill the space with rainbow colors as the light shines on it. Exhibited this year in Seoul. Via.