you’ve got hate mail

“Hate Mail” by London-based artist Mr. Bingo:
A most notable project in which, for a small fee, he sends the recipient of your choice an abusive illustrated message on the back of a vintage postcard.
Hate Mail recently resulted in a book of the same name, published by Penguin.

hatemail01 hatemail05

Links to interview and book presentation videos.
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a gift to be treasured

small_gift of nothing
Nothing is a gift to be treasured. It is guaranteed to do absolutely nothing, all of the time.
Get a Gift of Nothing, a present perfect for any occasion.
Nothing for Christmas, Birthday or Valentine’s Day (not recommended if you want to continue with the relationship), Nothing is the ideal gift.
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Get your hands on some Bauballs this Christmas

Cancer charity Orchid have teamed up with creative agency Fallon to release a Christmas tree bauble in the guise of a pair of shiny red testicles. As well as raising funds for new research, it is also hoped the decoration will remind men to check themselves for possible signs of testicular cancer.
baubles_02 baubles_01
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Patmos, not banned

…On the other hand, a few meters away from Chora’s Central Square and still under the jurisdiction of the Monastery, you walk by a shop facade with miniatures of women bowing to a priest, a very popular souvenir due to it’s resemblance to a blowjob.
Photographed by the goddess Anna Von Chatziantonoglou.
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Hypernatural rainbow roses spotted @Utrecht Centraal railway station.
Via Next Nature.
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100% authentic #1

Canned Air from Paris by Kirill Rudenko.
Notice the contents list (2nd image).
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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The above poop shaped item is a type of sweet that is sold and consumed in Catalunia, I believe during Christmas ( if  I am mistaken about the consumption date; please dear readers correct me) . They are called cagadas and they are actually made of cocoa and sugar. So, why not to order them (here) as a Valentine’s day gift for your beloved one? Buy her/him one as a symbol of your relationship, buy two for both of you, or buy many because love knows no borders and numbers!

Alternatively, bake your own festive cake, revealing both your feelings and your cooking skills!

Click here for a vaster selection of Valentine’s Day confectionary

love is a many splendored thing

Texas-based family run fake poop company, Brown Fido, has hand-sculpted an “I ♥ U” fake dog poop gift for Valentine’s Day.
If you prefer, the heart-shaped fake dog poop is sold separately.
Brown Fido makes many other poop-shaped items, as you can see in their promotional video:

Via laughingSquid.