Make a wish / Kiszkiloszki

Amsterdam based Polish artist Kajetan Obarski aka Kiszkiloszki expressing his love for mankind.

Animation created from:

Potato Planters by Jean-François Millet
The Man With The Hoe by Jean-François Millet
Portrait of Nannultera by J.M. Crossland
Landscape by Thomas Doughty
Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich
Norwegian Mountain Landscape by Johan Christian Claussen Dahl
Moonrise Over the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich
Space by NASA

lo-res Waterfalls


Gif by French artist and photographer Olivier Cablat


Paul Robertson



Creation, The End and Expedition GIFs by Australian animator / illustrator artist Paul Robertson, found at buzzfeed.

POPlitical dragulator

Vladdy Pushin’

Georgia Buchette

Queen Abby

Madame O’ Sane

Baricka O’Bisha

Ossie B’

World leaders looking fierce by artist Saint Hoax, found at instict mag.

Artist & Dealer

Artist & Dealer by German artist Moto Waganari, previously featured here.


Nightvision gif by motion designer Taiyo Yamamoto, found at Motion A Day

Ye / Zach Cohen






New animated gifs by illustrator Zach Cohen, from the ongoing project Ye – originally introduced at Death plays sweet for those who hear..

Scorpion Dagger / James Kerr

Animated gifs made -mostly- of northern and early renaissance paintings collages, by Scorpion Dagger aka artist James Kerr.

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