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2 giant spiders are trapped in the top floor of a glass-front home in this video mapping installation by German designer Friedrich van Schoor.
Part of the process (as explained in the video above), was building a scaled model of the projection space, where real spiders were enclosed and filmed.
Found here. Link to video.

no real than you are

Giant Legoman washed ashore at the beach of  Siesta Key Village, Florida. On its chest is the message, “No real than you are.”
This suggests it has the same origin as Lego men who washed ashore in Zandvoort, Holland, three years ago, and then in Brighton, England.
According to this article it’s all the handiwork of an artist collective called “Ego Leonard” which is somehow connected to Du Fois.
Found here.

under surveillance

Marcos Zotes’ project CCTV/Creative Control took place on October 1st in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as part of a Nuit Blanche celebration.
It consists of a video projection displaying an over-sized eye onto the underside of a 10-storey tall water tower, turning it into a massive CCTV tower.

Link to video.

To Serve and Protect

15 meters high metal statue of Tetsujin-28-go aka Gigantor, the brainchild robot of Mitsuteru Yokoyama @the quake-flattened Wakamatsu Park in Kobe, Japan.

The statue was created to symbolize the city’s recovery in the aftermath of the devastating Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995.
Found here.


Hase (Rabbit) by gelitin is a huge hand knit rabbit placed @the Italian alps (close to Cuneo). He will be waiting for you to discover him till 2025. Info on how to get there, here.


Giant slides connecting the top floor with the ground level patio @the Technische Universitat in Munich, Germany.

Found here. Link to video, here.

footprints in the snow

Giant footprint @Edinburgh, Scotland. Found here.

Giant Pink Snails in Miami

45 giant pink snails in Miami, an installation by the Cracking Art Groups (CAG). Found here.