MaKey MaKey / MIT Media Lab

MaKey MaKey is a fun kit that allows you to use everyday objects as computer keyboards, created by MIT’s Media Lab. Buy here

See the heat / Flir One


FLIR ONE, the very first personal thermal camera, that works as an add-on device for iphones, comming soon by FLIR Systems, Inc. You can use the case for moisture detection, energy loss, and many more imaginative ways.



The FLIR ONE has two cameras – a thermal camera and a more conventional visible light camera. The special chip in the Lepton core combines the images for enhanced resolution, adding detail to the low resolution thermal image

The companion Flir One MX app can provide handy temperature readings, save your captured shots to iOS Camera roll and share them on social media channels. (source 1, 2)

Check out the following video on FLIR ONE’s capabilities.



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Atheer smart glasses

Atheer smart glasses
A vision of augmented reality and wearable future technology, through the new 3D, gesture-based glasses, launched by tech company Atheer Labs. Weighing only 75grams, the Atheer glasses offer HD display (1024×768) and precise hand interaction.

The Atheer glasses will be available in 2014, preorder Atheer One +  the Atheer Developer Kit -w/pocket-sized computer to power Android apps- at indiegogo

Atheer smart glasses 2

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The Neurocam is an experimental wearable camera system, that uses a headband to sense brainwaves and record five-second GIF video clips. When brain’s electrical activity passes a certain threshold, the Neurocam triggers your iPhone to record what you see in your visual field, without having to lift a finger, or even consciously think about it.

The prototype is a concept by Japanese company Neurowear – that also invented the amazing necomimi ears.

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iPhone SAR values here + the best bluetooth headset there

Amen II

Crucifix Surge Protector by Alexander Pincus. More pictures and info in Hometone.
Link to Amen I.

gerber steady

Gerber-Steady-Tool-2  gerber-steady-tool_50570_600x450 47268_01_3003_closed_102711
The Gerber Steady combines the utility of a multi-tool and the functionality of a tripod for compact digital cameras (up to 340 grams) and smart phones (up to 170 grams).
It comes equipped with an adjustable cell phone and screw-in camera mount and two foldable legs that serve as a tripod.
The rest of the tool is all Gerber ingenuity – a fine edge blade, a serrated blade, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, pliers and wire cutters.
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oncle Sam

Conceptual machine that pops each kernel of corn individually with the use of a single tea-light candle, a comment on today’s fast production systems by Laurent Beirnaert, Pierre Bouvier and Paul Tubiana, students at University of Art and Design ECAL in Switzerland.

I call your bluff

Clear plastic playing cards by Japanese brand MUJI.
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