levitation, or how to use mind force

Electronics turn a person’s thoughts into commands for a robot:
Using a brain-computer interface technology pioneered by University of Minnesota biomedical engineering professor Bin He, several young people have learned to use their thoughts to steer a flying robot around a gym, making it turn, rise, dip, and even sail through a ring.
The technology may someday allow people robbed of speech and mobility by neurodegenerative diseases to regain function by controlling artificial limbs, wheelchairs, or other devices. And it’s completely noninvasive: Brain waves (EEG) are picked up by the electrodes of an EEG cap on the scalp, not a chip implanted in the brain.
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Untitled yet / Camille Laurelli

Untitled yet (I believe I can fly) video by French artist Camille Laurelli

the art of syncronized kite flying

iQuad team performing at the Southern Oregon Kite Festival at Port of Brookings Harbor.
Song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
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some turbulence expected

Bangkok’s cityscape filmed by Team Blacksheep using a radio-controlled helicopter with a GoPro camera attached to it.
Check their first person view machines here and more of their flight videos in their youtube channel.
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Phoenix Fly wingsuit

Need 4 Speed team and the amazing wingsuit by Phoenix-Fly

escape of Icarus

Kinetic sculpture for your hands by Korean metalsmith and jewelry maker Dukno Yoon.
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the flying tailor

A film made in Paris in 1912, showing Franz Reichelt’s first and only attempt to fly, from the first deck of Eiffel Tower, at that time the tallest man-made structure in the world. Reichelt used his skills as a tailor to create an overcoat that would allow him to fly. The “flying coat” was a complete disaster, and Reichelt fell like a sack of rocks to his death.

Welcome Aboard Kitty

Taiwanese Eva Airlines and and Japanese comic company Sanrio collaborated to launch a Hello Kitty-themed flying experience.
There are currently three Hello Kitty-themed Airbus A330-300 aircrafts traveling between cities in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.
The the plane’s interiors feature Hello Kitty-related items as well, ranging from boarding passes, baggage tags, dining utensils, and lavatory papers to flight attendant uniforms.
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