Colori e profumi del Mediterraneo / Sonia Bardella



Mosaic pieced quilt, titled Colori e profumi del Mediterraneo, made of approximately 24000 tiny squares snipped from old shirts, pillowcases and towels, by Italian patchwork artist Sonia Bardella.



Image by quiltinspiration from the In Full Bloom exhibition 2013 Houston.

Square flowers / Megan Pearce


Megan Pearce sq1

Megan Pearce sq2

Megan Pearce sq5

Ink illustration titled Square Flowers by UK artist Megan Pearce

Phytophiler / Dossofiorito


Series of hand-thrown terracotta pots with functional accessories, designed by Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo of Dossofiorito studio.





Photos by Omar Nadalini
via ignant


Alexander Kent fire

Fire from the new personal works of advertising photographer Alexander Kent

nature X-rays / Arie van’t Riet

Arie van’t Riet 2

Arie van’t Riet 1

Arie van’t Riet 3

Arie van’t Riet 5

Arie van’t Riet 4

Arie van’t Riet 6

Arie van’t Riet 8

Arie van’t Riet 7

Coloured X-ray art images by Netherlands-based radiation physicist Arie van’t Riet

via feature shoot

To the East

Rolito wallpaper

Limited edition landscape wallpaper (4mx3m) from the French Domestic, designed by illustrator/ animator Rolito. Artist’s wallstickers here.


Rolito wallpaper 1

Rolito wallpaper 2

Untitled / Sarah Bodri

Sarah Bodri flowers

Funeral flowers behind a church, by Toronto based photographer Sarah Bodri.

F-W ’14 / Comme des Garçons

Amazing floral details from the CDG  F/W 2013/2014 prêt-à-porter (!!) collection, an excercise in the Infinity of Tailoring as the master creator Rei Kawakubo called it.

For the last six multicolored outfits Ms. Kawakubo used the psychedelic patterns of  American artist Daniel Michiels.

Scroll down this post for designs, close ups and full défilé



comme_des_garcons_a.w. 2013 2014 detail2


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