Alexander Kent fire

Fire from the new personal works of advertising photographer Alexander Kent

Don’t go to Hell, Pictures from the Pit

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full length video based on the work of a young Korean artist who had been taken to hell by the Lord Jesus Himself.
Read his interviw here . Pictures taken from Holy Bible’s (The King James VersionFacebook page.

Hell is real.
Do not go there.
Go to Heaven instead.
Have a nice Sunday.
Link to video.

from far enough away everything sounds like the ocean

Music video for “Rivers” by Small Feet, directed and edited by Oskar Wrango.
No computer effects were used in the film, the shots with the guy running on fire are real, only edited in reverse (pun intended!)
More details and a short interview in stashMedia.
Link to video.

Happy easter, everyone!

A Greek Orthodox Easter greeting.
Best viewed in full screen. And stoned.
Link to video.

Jason Lazarus

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Photography by Chicago based artist Jason Lazarus. Read his interview here.

Game Over

Local policemen destroying some 1,000 confiscated gambling machines in Shunqing District of Nanchong City, China.
Via wired-aperture. More pictures here.


Reincarnation is an off-shoot film by Memo Akten born while working the visuals for The Rambert Dance Company and flat-e‘s “Iatrogenesis” performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London UK.
It is created by tracking the motion of dancers and generating visuals containing subtle hints of human forms and motion.
Audio: Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath.
Link to video.

We Are Animals








‘Stunt’ canpaign for “We Are Animals” series by Wrangler, featuring real life Hollywood stunts in action. More info & pics, here.