The Highest Stage


Model Nadja Auermann as Marlene Dietrich at the Marrakech market, Morocco, fashion editorial for US Vogue, Sept.1992.
Photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Maiko Takeda by Masaaki Sasaki

Maiko Takeda dazed 4

Maiko Takeda dazed 2

Maiko Takeda dazed 3

Maiko Takeda by Masaaki Sasaki

Maiko Takeda dazed

Maiko Takeda dazed july 14

Maiko Takeda dazed july

Maiko Takeda dazed 1

Maiko Takeda‘s graduate collection of fashion accessories titled Atmospheric Reentry, photographed in Tokyo by Masaaki Sasaki for Dazed Digital (July’14). Styling and production Junsuke Yamasaki.

Macro Shot / Oyster

Linda Gradin Oyster dec13

Linda Gradin oyster mag 2013

Linda Gradin

Makeup artist Linda Gradin of L’Atelier NYC, manicurist Eri Handa.

Photographer Bruce Owen, for Oyster beauty editorial, Dec2013.

Scales and Feathers

Paris photographers Milo Keller & Julien Gallico shot this series of photos to showcase experimental jewellery by Swiss luxury design firm Atelier XJC that references feathers, scales and large delicate ruffs. Found here.

dezeen_-11-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-10-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-14-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-15-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-16-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-12-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC

brilliant editorials / Bela Borsodi

Document # 1 – Unconscious Affair

Bela Borsodi 3


Tenmen #23 -Ten Very Nice Things

Bela Borsodi


Fraulein # 2 – Handtuch

Bela Borsodi 1


Esquire UK- Arts and Crafts

Bela Borsodi esquire


Another Magazine #4 – Face, in collaboration w/ Paul Graves

Bela Borsodi another mag


Glamour Italy #163 – Trends, in collaboration w/ Paul Graves

Bela Borsodi glamour it


Tatler #25 – Persona

Bela Borsodi tatler


S  Magazine #4 Fingered

Bela Borsodi s magazine

Various mag editorials, all works of New York based photographer Bela Borsodi.

Jeff Bark

Fashion editorial for Dazed & Confused, photographer Jeff Bark,  stylist Katie.Shillingford.

Step Into

Step Into / Uskoči is a project that questions the relationship between architecture and fashion design, and aims at promoting serbian architects, fashion designers and photographers of the younger generation.
A series of projections is to take place across the wider area of Central Belgrade. The projected imagery is selected from various designs by young architects.
Once the projected images of spaces overlap with the spaces which they are being projected upon, a new imaginary spatial setting is created. This setting is intended to provoke a response from a fashion designer to pose his models against such a setting in a manner he/she sees it and thus they create entirely new aesthetic and conceptual relations.

Here are some of the photos. You can see rest of it here

Architect: Ivana Popovic; Fashion designer: Milan Zejak; Photographer: Marko Arsic

Architect: Nikola Andonov; Fashion designer: Sandra Lalovic; Photographer: Tina Maric

Architect: Nebojsa Stevanovic; Fashion designer: Ivana Stojanovic; Photographer: Branko Starcevic

Architect: Edin Omanovic; Fashion designer: DEERSPOTTER; Photographer: Andreja Miric

Architect: Aleksandar Ristovic; Fashion designer: Zorica Stojanovic; Photographer: Jelena Kostic

Architect: Aleksandar Hrib; Fashion Designer: Flora Goticcelli; Photographer: Andrija Rancic

Architect: Iva Cukic; Fashion designer: Aleksandra Ziravac; Photographer: Nemanja Maras

Architect: Pavle Stamenovic; Fashion designer: Ivan Ivanovic; Photographer: Jovana Cetkovic

Architect: Zarko Uzelac; Fashion designer: Monika Ratkovic; Photographer: Dejana Batalovic

Architect: Marija Mikovic; Fashion designer: Senka Kljakic; Photographer: Milica Kolaric

The aim of the project is twofold – the large, human-scale projections of building drawings enable the architects to visualise how their ideas might look once being built and even gives them a chance to take a walk through their designs while they are projected onto existing spaces. For fashion designers, this presents an opportunity to test their designs in a context other than the one they would normally envisage.

The recording of the collaborations forms an integral part of the overall idea. The photographer/video artist, with his/hers own interpretation is seen as an important contributor to the final state of the process.

Cindy Sherman / Comme des Garçons FW’93/94

Comme des Garçons’ Fall/Winter 1993/4 ad campaign, in collaboration with artist/ photographer Cindy Sherman.