Mother and Son / Denis Dailleux

Denis Dailleux - mothers and sons 01

Denis Dailleux - mothers and sons 3

Denis Dailleux - mothers and sons 4

Denis Dailleux - mothers and sons 1

Denis Dailleux - mothers and sons 2



Mother and Son by Kairo based, French photographer Denis Dailleux

La Cage dorée

Carolle Benitah cage

La Cage dorée, embroidery on personal family photo by French artist Carolle Benitah.

Trunk Show / Andy Reynolds


From the Trunk Show series by American photographer Andy Reynolds

The evolution of the American family

Infographic depicting some of the changes of the American family constitution including same-sex couples and Choice Moms, assisted reproduction, adoption and so on… Its brought to you by the California Cryobank, whose “highly trained and compassionate staff provides a variety of services from assistance with donor selection, to genetic counseling, to private storage for semen, eggs, and embryos.” Unnatural,  futuristic, or plain family reality?

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home as a concept where everyone loves you

Tunb_land_39wTunb_land_31wSweden / La Suède© Lars Tunbjšrk / Agence VUSweden "Home"BorŒs, 1998N¡ 9732Tunb_land_47w
Works by Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk.
More info on the artist here.

being together


Are you a financial immigrant? Have you moved out of your country I pursuit of your dreams? Have you ever felt guilty for missing out important familial events back in your home country? Have you ever felt that distance is rupturing your family bonds? Not anymore! New York-based visual artist John Clang ,whose family resides in Singapore, found a clever solution for uniting his and other families: he digitally adjoins relatives in one hi-tech family portrait using a projector and Skype. In that was everybody is happy and present… at least for as long as the picture snap lasts.

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happy mother’s day

From mommy with love: Knife-thrower Louella Gallagher throws knives at her daughters Connie Ann, 5, and Colleena Sue, 2-1/2, missing them skillfully as the knives enter a board.
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for happiness, seek family and calcium carbonate

Spanish TV adv for Pascual Milk featuring a family of happy skeletons.
Directed by Cesar Pesquera and edited by Alvaro Posadas.
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