Duet for Leaves & Turntable / Diego Stocco

Short musical phrases, records of rubbing leaves against a turntable, by composer and music sound designer Diego Stocco

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Find more on artist’s musical projects based on trees and other natural ingredients

Junk Bones

JB12JB11 JB10A collection of experimental garments by Grace Kubilius  (Photos by Carrie Anne Kelly)

Junk Bones is an exploration of the garment as an artifact, relic, or ghost. Torn and shredded materials have been woven, braided, and stitched back together. Paint, shellac, plastic, and rust have been used to coat and cover surfaces, transforming soft fiber materials into brittle exteriors, and stiff, rigid structures. When worn, the garments begin to unravel, decay, and crack.

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Kei Kagami #2


Experimental handbags found in Kei Kagami‘s workspace.
Photos by Kirill Kuletski for dazed

Kei Kagami


’10 Years Retrospective of Shoemaker Kei Kagami’at Steinbeisser Gallery, Amsterdam

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Too late to care


The first single “I touch”,  from the new -v addictive- Drog A Tek  album “Too late to care”.


A tree played as a rythmical musical instrument by sound designer Diego Stocco and recorded with the use of a custom stethoscope.
Found here. Link to video.


Brittlebush by designer Simón De Agüero is an experimental desert dwelling located @ Scottsdale, Arizona. It has an open-air living space with protective roof and walls for the sleeping area. More, here.


This is the trailer for the 40 minute experimental horror film DECAMPMENT, written, scored and directed in 2008 by Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, also known as the electro band ADULT. from Detroit.

Their second film TRADITIONS was premiered on May 2010 in Toronto. DECAMPMENT and TRADITIONS are both silent: the soundtrack is performed live by the band during the screening.

Nicola’s (fashion based) photography projects, as well as the electronic sounds she composes with her husband/bandmate Adam, are heavily influenced by the seventies and eighties Italian horror films. More pics here.