Around the Bend / Mark Whalen

Around the Bend Mark Whalen

From the upcoming exhibition Around the Bend by Los Angeles based painter Mark Whalen at Chalk Horse Gallery.

Hiding in France / Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin Hiding in Paris no13, loveNo.13 – Love, 2015

Liu Bolin Hiding in Paris no2 bookshelfNo.02 – Bookshelf, 2011

Liu Bolin, hiding in Paris meat factoryNo.11 – Meat Factory, 2013

Liu Bolin Hiding in Paris no10 tvstationNo.10 – TV Station, 2013

Liu Bolin no05 openspaceNo.05 – Open Space, 2011

From the series Hiding in France, by Chinese performer, painter, sculptor and photographer Liu Bolin, courtesy of Galerie Paris-Beijing.


interventions of the Antikytherian sea sculptors



70–60 BC Greek life-size marble statues, raised from the Antikythera Ship-wreck found by a team of sponge divers in 1900.The parts buried by the sand are exceptionally preserved while the rest of the Parian marble was disfigured by stone-eating organisms.

The first diver to lay eyes on the shipwreck described the scene as a heap of rotting corpses and horses lying on the sea bed,







From the exhibition Antikythera Shipwreck, the Ship, the Treasures, the Mechanism, at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, photos by WeWasteTime.

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Perennial Escapism / David Soukup



Stencil artworks by American artist David Soukup from his solo exhibition Perennial Escapism, from 26 April – 1 June.@  Maxwell Colette gallery, Chicago, Illinois.


David Soukup' Vertical-Escapism-No-4

David Soukup' Vertical-Escapism-No-1


images courtesy of Maxwell Colette gallery

13 Compositions / Yoshi Sodeoka

Gifs  by NY based multidisciplinary artist Yoshi Sodeoka, from the online ANI GIF exhibition titled 13 Compositions.

via prosthetic knowledge

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Indoor, Outdoor / Mattia Bonetti

mattia bonnetti paul kasmin gallery

Liquid Gold cabinet /sculpture from Mattia Bonetti‘s solo exhibition Indoor | Outdoor from 10 April – 4 May,  2013, at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York.

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White Drama

The French fashion curator and critic Olivier Saillard talks about the “White Drama”, an exhibition showing the complete Comme des Garçons S/S 2012 collection, created by master artist Rei Kawakubo.
A rare chance to see one of the most standout shows of the season, at Paris’ Docks, Cité de la Mode et du Design museum until October 7th 2012.

White Drama referred to all the important stages in life – birth, adolescence, marriage and death. Watch the collection -only full screen

Films by Premices agency


Rainbow Pinwheels, a collaborative installation by artists Ara Peterson and Jim Drain at Transmission LA: AV CLUB, a multi-disciplinary festival curated by Mike D from the Beastie Boys for MOCA,

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