1/99 Progress Steps / studio Maentis

99 Steps of Progress by studio Maentis 1

From the 99 Steps of Progress, a satirical reinterpretation of indoctrination and the famous March of Progress illustration, by graphic design studio Maentis

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Snail trail / Philipp Artus

Stop-motion animation a snail that “invents the wheel and goes through a cultural evolution, to finally get back to its origin”.  Created by the German media artist Philipp Artus with a computer controlled laser on a phosphorescent surface.

Patricia Piccinini

Astonishing mixed media works by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini reflecting her interests in biotechnology, evolution, gender, offspring and bioethics.

see Patricia’s website.

a radical shift in diet. and looks.

Get Vegetarian Teeth and Eat Less Meat

Vegetarian teeth designed to reduce meat consumption and improve individual health:
Humans are omnivores. Our teeth are designed to eat both meat and plants. Susana Soares and her colleagues designers and engineers of the Material Beliefs program propose to alter human teeth structures into those of herbivores, in order to become a better vegetarian.
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D for Dissected




Evolution of Type, Exhibits 1-5 and Exhibits 6-9 & 12 by Andreas Scheiger.
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