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Painted photograph series titled De Profundis, from artist Erwin Wurm, at Albertina museum, Austria.

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A visitor looks underneath the installation “Polizeikappe” (police cap) by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm , to meet  just emptiness. Photo from exhibition Private Wurm/  Essl museum, Austria 2010.

Wurm first had the idea to enlarge police headgear when he was commissioned to do a piece for Vienna’s law enforcement. He proposed an enormous Austrian cap, which would have been installed in the Heldenplatz (Hero’s Square). “I was planning to do a very big police hat, like three meters, on three sticks,” he said. “People could go there and feel protected from the weather.” The proposal was turned down, but the idea survives, now executed in a smaller forms. “To me, police are scary,” Wurm said. “Official violence….” He paused. “My father was a policeman. But that’s a long time ago. ” (interview via)


Police Cap Denmark 2011, at Kunsthallen Brandts, Denmark

French Police Cap, 2010, at  Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, France

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House Attack!

Outdoor sculpture at the Museum Moderner Kunst (MuMoK) by  Erwin Wurm , or how a single-family prefab house crashes into the roof of the museum!

House Attack  ‘confuses our perception of art and everyday reality and in its striking appearance and humorous, dramatic staging of the banal ‘ (MuMoK site)

Picture by Dom Dada

narrow house

The interactive exhibition ‘Narrow Mist‘ by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm @ the UCCA, Beijing, China (july 17th to september 15th, 2010), which presents sculptures influenced by childhood houses, fashion fetishes an stuff you can find in the Chinese metropolis.

The ‘Narrow House’ is modeled after the house that Wurm grew up in, but it’s width is disturbingly reduced, being charmingly slender and claustrophobic at the same time.

Pictures & info via designboom.