sunrise will be televised


Virtual sunrise televised on giant LED screan in the smog filled Beijing, China, January 2014. Read story here


Eco Halos

Eco Halos are ethereal structures that can be used both as public art and as monitors of changing levels of environmental pollution (a supernatural warning against air pollution?). These changes are reflected in the color and intensity of the Eco Halo’s light, using data relayed from existing local air quality monitoring stations. Green stands for good, Blue stands for OK, Red for bad, and Flashing Red for critical (run now!).
In any case, Eco Halos present certain advantages: they are not conventional pollution readers, they are pretty, they can be rapidly installed, they are protected from casual vandalism, and if solar powered panels are used as the energy source, the Eco Halos would involve no running costs.
Here are some inventive applications taken from the Eco Halo site

London Oxford Circus (fictional application)

London Notting Hill Gate (it was granded planning permission, it is unknown if it was realized)

Lake District (possibly fictional application, why would you need a faulty Eco Halo showing critical pollution levels in the middle of the natural resort?)

Somewhere (possibly fictional application, with three Halos going nuts in terms of polution level accuracy)