the human speaker

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The Human Speaker collar by Nic Wallenberg is able to turn one’s mouth into a speaker.
It bypasses the vocal chords and transmits vibrations directly into the upper throat so wearers can play music by only moving their lips and mouth.
Each collar can produce up to two music notes at a time, so the more people using the collars together the more complex the compositions can become.
Via juxtapoz. Link to video.

I (still) feel love

Giorgio Moroder‘s electro – disco anthem I feel love, time stretched by TelegenicX in a ketamine – high 44min version.
It is decelerated to about 800% and it still sounds great.
Via soundcheck. Link to video.


The melancholic, sweaty and a bit demented sound of the 80ies that never stopped haunting us…
Original song and video by L.A. based musician, drag performer and inventor of the term “tranimalJer Ber Jones.
Jer Ber is currently working on her forthcoming album of covers entitled “The Berdache Look”.
Check out this amazing cover on Amy Winehouse’s “back to black”:

Here’s Jer Ber’s myspcace for more details and tunes.
Images via Omar Rodríguez-Rodríguez‘s photostream

Hydro Theory

Hydro Theory video clip of Drexciya using footage from Blue Planet BBC series. Favorite moment at 1:40 !