Think Outside the Bowl

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insects as livestock feed

“Use of insects as a sustainable protein rich feed ingredient in pig and poultry feed is technically feasible. Insects can be reared on low-grade bio-waste and can turn low-grade bio-waste into high quality proteins. Insects therefore can be a promising interesting link in the animal feed chain to fulfil the globally increased demand for protein.” from: Insects as a sustainable feed ingredient in pig and poultry diets – a feasibility study”, Livestock Research, Wageningen University, October 2012.

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Returning Tree / Yuri Serizawa

Directed & animated by Tokyo based motion designer  Yuri Serizawa

Music: “Stillness” – Lycoriscoris // “Amenooto” – Lycoriscoris.

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guess who’s coming to dinner

David Gracer is an entomophagy (bug eating) expert with an interesting case for making wider use of bugs… He’s eating them to save the planet.

Along with the ecological and nutritional benefits, David poses the argument that many sea creatures crawl, have many legs and look equally disgusting, but are widely appreciated as a delicious treat. Still… I am so not doing this…
The video above is an episode of the Perennial Plate, an online documentary series dedicated to adventurous eating.
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