Full Moon in Earth’s Shadow


A beautiful image of the recent brief lunar eclipse, taken by Rolf Wahl Olsen from his observatory in Auckland, New Zealand. This was the shortest total lunar eclipse of the century, as the total phase of April 4, 2015 lasted less than 5 minutes.

Read more here. Link to full resolution image here

22141231 / Nosigner

nosigner 5 nosigner

nosigner 2

nosigner 3


Light sculpture/ mirror designed by Japan-based design firm Nosigner, for the Taro Horiuchi fashion shop.
The diffused LED light is created by a special kind of aluminum foil which allows to reflect varying projections, so that you will never see the same light pattern on the wall. 22141231 is the title of this work, that was named after the perfect solar eclipse that will appeare about 200 years later


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all clear, you can land safely

Annular solar eclipse in Japan.
Found here.

sirens from space

Time lapse of Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse on December 21, as captured by William Castleman @Gainesville, Florida.
The music is Claude Debussy’s Nocturnes: Sirènes.
Link to video. Here’s the link for the stabilized but less b-movie-ish version of the clip.