Riverside playground / Noguchi

Photos from a cast bronze (!) model, proposal for a playground area in the Riverside Park, New York City, by the master of sculptural landscape Isamu Noguchi (1094-1988) in collaboration with architect Louis Kahn (1901-1974). The architects had to redesign five times this playground from 1961 to 1966, but the project was finally cancelled due to neighborhood opposition.

pix found @ playscapes.

Check the amazing Noguchi floating fountains here + there

John Isaacs

Darm 040If not now then when

john isaacs If not now then when, 2011

john isaacs If not now then when, dtlIf not now then when

John Isaacs, Everyones talking about JesusEveryones talking about Jesus

John Isaacs, Untitled, collageUntitled collage

All works from UK artist John Isaacs