Who is NemO’s


Illustrations by artist NemO created for his book titled Who is NemO’s, published by Logosedizioni







Christine swimming / Julian Opie

Julian Opie swimming

Acrylic, aluminium, vinyl and fluorescent light sculpture (74.2×206.9x 21cm), titled Christine swimming by London based artist Julian Opie.

Paco Pomet IV

Paco Pomet Caress (Oil on canvas. 120 x 160 cms. 2015)

Caress, Oil on canvas. 120x160cm


Paco Pomet El teólogo (Oil on canvas. 60 x 80 cms. 2015)

El teólogo, Oil on canvas. 60x80cm


La sombra (Óleo sobre lienzo Oil on canvas. 60 x 70 cms. 2015)

La sombra, Oil on canvas. 60x70cm


Paco Pomet Status (Oil on canvas. 60 x 70 cms. 2015)

Status, Oil on canvas. 60x70cm


Paco Pomet Trio (Oil based pencil on paper. 30 x 42 cms. 2015)

Trio, Oil based pencil on paper. 30x42cm


Paco Pomet El dibujante (Pastel pencil on paper. 30 x 42 cms. 2015)

El dibujante, Pastel pencil on paper. 30x42cm


Paco Pomet Amo (Oil on canvas. 60 x 70 cms. 2015)

Amo (Óleo sobre lienzo/ Oil on canvas. 60 x 70 cms. 2015)


Paco Pomet El huerto (Oil on canvas. 200 x 255 cm. 2015)

El huerto, Oil on canvas. 200x255cm


Paco Pomet Había una vez (Oil on canvas. 120 x 140 cms. 2014)

Había una vez, Oil on canvas. 120x140cm

Recent works from  Spanish artist Paco Pomet.

Your art is shit / Dylan Carter

Animation on insecurities and creativity by Texas based designer Dylan Carter.

Isabel Seliger’s drawings

Isabel Seliger 08

Isabel Seliger

Isabel Seliger drusg 2

Isabel Seliger 04



Isabel Seliger drusg

Isabel Seliger 09

Isabel Seliger 25

Illustrations by Berlin based visual artist Isabel Seliger

wildlife illustrations / Colleen Parker

Colleen Parker 02


Colleen Parker 05


Colleen Parker


Colleen Parker 08


Colleen Parker 07


Colleen Parker 09


Ink and watercolour wildlife illustrations by Colleen Parker

Wythe hotel / Jean Jullien

jean jullien Wythe hotel

Window drawing at the Wythe hotel by London based graphic designer Jean Jullien

Current Events / Fred Tomaselli



Mixed technique artworks over The New York Times newspaper from the series Current Events, by American artist Fred Tomaselli, at ADAA Art Show.

Jean Bedez

Jean-Bedez-Stabat_Mater_Dolorosaok-web01Stabat Mater Dolorosa, graphite on canson paper, 140x212cm

Jean-Bedez--cavalier-rouge-webCavaliers de l’Apocalypse, (cheval rouge feu) graphite on canson paper, 220x140cm

Jean-Bedez--cavalierCavaliers de l’Apocalypse (cheval noir), graphite on canson paper, 220x140cm

Jean-Bedez-last-supperLes Goûteurs (last supper), graphite on canson paper, 104x144cm

Jean-Bedez-refrigerium-01Refrigerium, graphite on canson paper, 125x125cm



Jean-Bedez-cite-de-dieu-detail-01Cité de Dieu, graphite on canson paper (and details), 100x150cm

Jean-Bedez-Vaine-Gloire-webVaine Gloire, graphite on canson paper, 150x100cm

Graphite drawings by Paris-based artist Jean Bedez. All images courtesy of the artist and Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery, except img #3.

Moonassi II

moonassi 04

moonassi btwn lines

moonassi Detached

moonassi u mirrored me


Marker and ink drawings on paper from the new series of Moonassi aka Korea-based graphic artist Kim Daehyun.

via butdoesitfloat

The way of light / Pavel Curagau

Pavel Curagau Drumul luminii

Charcoal drawing on canvas titled Drumul luminii aka The way of light, by Moldovan artist Pavel Curagau.

Variations on normal / Dominic Wilcox














Invention drawings from the online sketchbook of British artist Dominic Wilcox. Check / buy artist’s upcoming book Variations on Normal here

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