Zacheta Gallery / Leon Tarasewicz

Leon Tarasewicz,Zacheta Gallery of Art

Leon Tarasewicz,Zacheta Gallery of Art 3

Leon Tarasewicz,Zacheta Gallery of Art 1

The Great Hall stairs of Zacheta  – National Art Gallery in Warsaw, painted by Polish artist Leon Tarasewicz during the exhibition Polish Painting of the 21st Century, in 2006.

Photo: Sebastian Madejski.


Light / Anrealage AW15-16

Anrealage AW15-16

Anrealage 2

Anrealage 3

Anrealage 4

Anrealage 5

Anrealage 7

Anrealage 8

Anrealage 9

Anrealage 10

Anrealage 11

Light, the second collection of Japanese fashion house Anrealage for Autumn – Winter ’15-16, by creative director Kunihiko Morinagathe. Check out the amazing catwalk video from Paris Fashion Week for some coat extravaganza and the special black fabric that made the printed textures only visible under ultraviolet lights. (source)


mosaic athens center

B&W mosaic spotted in the basement of a decadent 60’s shopping center in Athens, Greece. Image by WWT.


op art dots

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Pac-Man illusion


Jeremy Hinton‘s Lilac Chaser or Pac-Man illusion

Follow the movement of the rotating pink dot with your eyes and the dots will remain only one color, pink. But if you stare at the black central cross the moving dot will turn green.

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Inject print from Dutch graphic designer Michiel Schuurman, commisioned by Graphic Design Festival Breda, 2010

The Obliteration Room

A DIY installation created in two weeks by children using thousands of colored dot stickers. An interactive project by artist Yayoi Kusama, part of his exhibition Look Now, See Forever for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Australia.

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Ten-ten by Miharu Matsunaga

Hand-painted dots  (“ten-ten” in Japanese) drawings invading space,  by artist/ photographer Miharu Matsunaga
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